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That was facinating

I just watched that movie and was hooked, it was strangely haunting and really inspired me. This must of taken hours to make and I shall give you full credit for it-with a five. I liked this a lot, but would never watch it again (due to lenth) any way,
keep it up!

Good Work

I enjoyed this flash but it wasn't amazing. I know how hard it is to make flash and how long it takes. I couldn't decide whether to give you a 3 or 4, I gave you a 3 but now I think you deserved better, so next time I get a chance to vote on this submission you will get a 4 or 5 from me!

This is really good

This is really good, mate! I am working on a project that will feature a chase scene, too, so now I have a standard to try and reach! And you made it all in flash? Keep it up, because that was great!

LilGuido responds:

well thank you very much ^_^

good luck with the scene I hope it turns out well and I look foward to seeing it.

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It had everything an action game should have

This game is fanstastic! I played it through to the end and loved every bit of it! It had everything an action game should have-Secrets, changeable controlls, huge bosses,multiple difficulty levels and a variety of guns. The graphics got 9 because while the backgrounds are incredibly detailed and the characters were well made they had no emotion and the opponents were reused too often. The style gets 8 because while it has been done millions of times before in other games, it still had a certain origanality. The sound is incredible and everything was suitibly epic. The violence gets 8 because there wasn't really enough blood and the opponents just dissapeared when they died, there is a great amount of weopons at your disposal and just about enough moves to carry it off though. Interactivity gets 10 because the charecter is constantly moving and rolling away from traps and the different controlls allow the game to suit your style of playing. There was no humor. Overall this gets 10 because,despite its flaws, this is a great game which must of spent alot of time to make.

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ChromeShark responds:

Thanks for the review. This one did take a pretty long time to make because there was so much stuff I hadn't tried before. The next one would take much less time - if it wasn't for all the cool stuff I'm going to add (level creator being the big one). Thanks again!

you seem to be able to only jump on one platform

I loved it but you seem to be able to only jump on one platform...so I made loads of platforms and made one big movie clip and that just makes you be able to walk through the air! I know many other people have had the same problem so its not just me...whats wrong? Apart from that very annoying problem its a great tutorial ps:please tell me! i'm trying to get my game perfect and just need to be able to jump to loads of platforms!

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My new fave game on ng! First off the problems though: Not enough health, granted, you can get quite far but it really could do with a tiny bit more.... Or at least checkpoints! Being in a differant language dosent matter too much but is there any chance of an english version? 1 last problem (which is really pushing it but I am running out of bad things to say!) is that there is no blood, I only call this a problem because the metal slug games always had that squit of blood when you kill someone (Oh so satisfying!) that people will always remember, it just adds to the carnage! Now for the good points (Or in this case Great points) The first being the amazingly varied levels and boses! I loved blasting through troups,the boat trip, taking down a helecopter and hitting people while runnning down that hill! I could go on for ages about the exitingly varied levels but you will just get bored! Brilliant sound, exelent graphics and a real sense of proggression make this one of the best games on newgrounds! Go play it...NOW!!!!!!!!

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I am an owner of flash and (considering the price) I am determined to be able to use it! NG has helped lots with its tutorials and I love the games, the movies and everything else!

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